Brain empty or full?

Writing takes a lot out of your brain. What do we do to fill it back up?  We need to go places and do things.  This is what inspires us to find new characters, new stories, new life.

And new life means new life in your books.  Everyone who reads them will notice and they will be able to read it and see the new you….

So fill, empty, refill, empty, fill and empty. If you are finding that other things in your life is emptying your brain and you cannot fill it fast enough.. this is when you may have writers block.

Sometimes setting things aside that are not necessary for you to write is okay.  Because priorities are priorities.  If writing is your priority of course. And if you are reading this, I’m guessing it is.

Here are a few suggestions in order to fill up your brain:


Watch a crazy movie

Watch a funny show

Go to a place where there are a lot of people and watch them

Read blogs, but be careful you don’t spend all day doing this.  (LOL)

Talk to a friend, especially someone with funny stories that are real

Good luck and comment below.